27 April 2018

The Spirit of Tengri - 2018. Israeli tunes from Q2A and the return of the "Buryat wolves"

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At the main musical event of this summer - the 6th International Festival of Contemporary Ethnic Music The Spirit of Tengri - the Israeli band Q2A will perform for the first time, and the "Buryat wolves" - the Shono band - will come back to rock the audience,
reports. The festival, which has already become a national cultural brand, will be held in Almaty on June 2 and 3.

Quarter To Africa (Q2A) is a multi-cultural roots ensemble, combining electric Oud grooves, saxophone, trumpet, electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion, synthesizer and vocals. Its music creates an uplifting collage, fusing traditional Arabic “Makam” scales with African
rhythms, jazz and funk. The philosophy of the group is based on love, unity and friendship. They skillfully balance between the well-organised and improvisation, being optimistic and laid-back, combining the complex and the simple.In the past two years, Quarter to Africa has performed across Israel spreading its message while headlining several festivals and major events, including the RedSea Jazz festival, Israeli film festival, the International Jazz festival, Jerusalem Festival and more.

Israeli band Q2A. Photo - The Spirit of Tengri Festival Press Service

This is how the founders of the band, Yakir Sasson and Elyasaf Bashari, define the name of the band Q2A (Quarter To Africa): "All the basic rhythms and melodies used around the world were originally born on the African continent, and Quarter - because we connected
them with the Arabic scale "makam" (note - "makam" is a system of melody types used in Arabic, Persian and Turkish classical music. It provides a complex set of rules for composing and performance). And so, it turned to Quarter To Africa. Our music is what we are, we draw it from the part of the world we travel to, from people we meet. We observe their mentality and absorb their culture. And this is what we should be. We do not create music deliberately, it is born by itself. These are just sounds from our imagination".

The musicians also note that they are very familiar with the culture of the Turkic peoples: "We base on the fact that Persia used to be a huge empire, where all music came from, including your lands, and the music that we are exploring. In fact we "drink from the same
fountain", and this is exactly what unites us. Music is a cure! We are coming to Kazakhstan with a feeling of joy and delight, we hope to get to know a lot of excellent people, discover great music that will inspire us and affect our music. And we definitely want to share love with you! We are waiting for you to "fly up" with us and our music, and that's exactly what we're coming for. Above all, we've heard about your famous national food - kurt -, and we can not wait to try it. We want to try your national food, music and culture".

Q2A Group comes to The Spirit of Tengri Festival with the support of the Israeli Embassy in Kazakhstan. Israel's ambassador to Kazakhstan, Michael Brodsky, notes that "performing on the stage of such a project for Israel is an opportunity to show the originality of our musical traditions and the way to strengthen the cultural dialogue between our countries". "Last year, or the first time the Israeli group Dudu Tassa & The Kuwaitis took part in the The Spirit of Tengri, which has already proved itself to be a large-scale event, which is held at
an invariably high level. The Festival's special feature is an exceptional atmosphere of creativity and friendship, where the audience is always open something new. This year we are pleased to introduce the Quarter to Africa band, which is very popular in Israel and far
beyond its borders," - the ambassador added.

The Shono band from Buryatia already performed at The Spirit of Tengri in May 2017 and was very warm welcomed by the audience. The name of the band means "wolf" in Buryat (the totem, the ancestor of the tribe of one of the Buryat clans). The band was also formed in 2014. The band was formed in 2014. The repertoire of the group consists of folk legends and epics-eligers, performed by the founder of Shono, multi-instrumentalist Alexander Arkhincheev.

The musician is a master of throat singing, he plays the Buryat and Mongolian traditional instruments: moriin-huur, sukha-huur, limbe, khomus-giembarde and others. For this the Shono leader is called a “one man orchestra”. It is said that any musical instrument sounds special in his hands. In Shono music, the spirit of ancient nomadic peoples merges with the "heavy" rock sounding, the band stands alongside the best contemporary groups of Siberian and Mongolian ethno-rock. Their work can be appreciated by listening to their album Hunters ("Hunters", 2016).

"This year we are going to play for you as an international French-Siberian team. Last year, we met the Lithuanian band Marga Muzika at The Spirit of Tengri. And at the moment we are doing a joint project with the soloist Laurita Peleniūtė. There is also work going on on our new album, which release is planned for 2019. At the Spirit of Tengri we are expecting a warm meeting with the Kazakhstani audience, a sea of ​​positive emotions and making new friends," - said the band founder, Alexander Arkhincheev.

The VI International Festival The Spirit of Tengri will be held on the first weekend of the summer - June 2 and 3. The venue for the Festival is traditionally the main open-air area of ​​the city - the Abay Square in front of the Repiblic Palace in Almaty. The start is at 17:00. Free entrance. The guests should expect a beautiful, powerful, live show: traditionally live sound of high quality, lighting that is literally seen from space, and, definitely, the Festival's signature family atmosphere.

The festival is supported by Almaty Akimat. The generalpartner of the project this year is the Magnum Cash & Carry supermarket chain. In previous years, the general partner of the festival was Also the festival is held with the support of the tour operator Tez Tour Kazakhstan. Guests are welcomed by the Hotel Kazakhstan. Technical support for the Festival is provided by KZ Sound.

The Spirit of Tengri is a multicultural project established by the national radio station Tengri FM in 2012. The Festival aims at demonstrating the ethnic traditions of the countries of the world on the Kazakh land. Over five years, more than 100 thousand Kazakhstanis and guests of the country have been it visitors. Musicians from 30 countries and regions of the world have been on tis stage. Among them are - the Turkish group BaBa Zula, the Chinese-Mongolian band Hanggai, the Magyar band Tilla Török's Band & Holdviola, the Estonian ethno band TRAD.ATTACK!, the Georgian trio The Shin, the band from Bashkortostan Argymak, the Buryat-Finnish- Norwegian project Nordic Namgar, master of throat singing Radik Tyulush with the Chalama project from Tuva. Kazakhstan has been represented by the ethno music groups Aldaspan, Sharapat, Tigrahaud, Roksonaki, as well as the master of folklore Edil Khussainov.

In previous years the general partner of the Festival was

Argymak - Bur baikamys
Bolot Bairyshev - Ak Burkhan
Aldaspan - Elge qayt
Chyltys - Aba chonym
Namgar - Yundengogo
Sharapat - Kok sholaq
Nordic Namgar - My Winters Day
Tigrahaud - Arlan-kazak
Gulzada - Kurmanbek
Radik Tyulyush - Er-le Changys


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